The Merlin is a fascinating and little known falcon of Western Washington and British Columbia. This sleek and dashing raptor is a long time, but phantom resident of our Temperate Rain Forest environs. Similar in size to the American Kestrel and Sharp-shinned Hawk, the Merlin is less common than the Peregrine Falcon!

Life itself is a celebration of biodiversity on this planet that we call “home”. It is time for us to teach ourselves all we can learn about the inter-connected community of Merlin and other riparian wildlife like salmon, amphibians, eagles and bats. We are researching the Merlin’s intriguing life history to inform the public, conservation organizations and natural resource agencies. This raptor’s population status and future prospects are uncertain. Here in the Northwest, cultural growth is challenging us to be the very best at stewarding the delicate balance of ecology and economy. We can responsibly care for this region’s diverse people and animal life. In turn, the Merlin and you and I will benefit through the New Millennium!

Our mission is to investigate the life history of the Coastal Forest Merlin and educate by involving people in their timely conservation stewardship. We enjoy sharing our cutting-edge research findings with the public and natural resource agencies in lively and insightful educational forums. After 25 years of study, it is now time to publish our collective awareness in popular and scientific journals. We invite your support in communicating the Merlin’s role in our shared landscape.

This is an exciting community wildlife stewardship endeavor!! Please join “Team Merlin” now by donating your expertise, time or funding to furthering our knowledge of this kindred and beautiful lifeform.


Perched high above
This forest
Does Merlin ponder
The nature of
Or celebrate The joy of being In every moment Wild?